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tv   Newsweek South Asia  KCSMMHZ  July 11, 2013 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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"newsweek south asia." in this weeks episode -- militants and foreigners. and taliban launches attacks at the presidential palace,
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endangering the peace process. in the first of its kind, militants have attacked mountaineers. 10 foreigners, including chinese, were killed in the gruesome attack. pakistani taliban on has claimed responsibility for the attack. locals are taken aback i the gruesome killing of foreigners. the attack would spell a disaster for the already faltering tourism industry. >> a once thriving mountaineering industry is reeling from the killing by militants of 10 foreigners. a massacre likely to drive away all but the hardest of visitors from the world's car lists and most pristine peaks.
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just as police, they ordered tourists out of tents on that fateful night and then shot them and a pakistani guide. the attack has been claimed by both the pakistani taliban and the smaller radical islamist group. the attack was seen as a fatal blow for efforts to attract more climbers to the himalayan ranges . [chanting]
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>> widespread protests by the locals have been taking place across the region. >> gunmen stormed a mountaineering base camp in northern pakistan and shot dead 94 in tractors and a pakistani
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guide as they rested during an arduous climb up one of the world's tallest peaks. the nighttime raid, which killed five ukrainians, three chinese, and a russian, was among the worst attacks on foreigners in pakistan in a decade and underscored the growing reach of militants in a highland region once considered secure. police said the 15-strong team of attackers wearing uniforms seized by a local paramilitary force arrived at about 1:00 a.m. at a group of tents and ramshackle huts used by hikers scaling the flanks of the snow covered 8125-meter peak. as the killing spree began, the intruders shot dead the pakistani guide with the tourists and help other workers at gunpoint. a senior official from northern pakistan said. a chinese climber managed to us gave.
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>> it was the first time foreign tourists had been attacked in the region where the convergence of the hindu kush and himalayan ranges has created a stunning landscapes scored by the most intrepid of mountaineers. pakistani taliban and a smaller militant group oath claimed responsibility. the shootings, which follows several deadly bombings in different parts of pakistan in the past week, pose a challenge for the new government of prime minister navarra sharif, who is battling accusations that dialogue with extremist amount to appeasing violent terrorists.
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>> china strongly condemns the terrorist attack against poorest in pakistan, and the bodies of the chinese victims have been transported to the pakistani capital of islamabad. china is deeply shocked and strongly condemns this terrorist attack. china asked the pakistani side to ensure the safety of the survivalist who operate to deal with the families of the victims
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and punish severely the murderers and take effective measures to protect the safety and legitimate rights and interests of the chinese people and pakistan. >> pakistan taliban has claimed responsibility for the gruesome attack on foreigners, but local hand could not be ruled out. there's a strong undercurrent
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against the huge presence of chinese and and pakistan. chiese goods have ruined the local business. pakistan had not sought the consent of locals before inking a real link. >> afghanistan witnessed one of the most intense and prolific attacks during the month of june. taliban targeted the airport and even the presidential palace. afghans are concerned about the interior rating security scenario, and the latest attacks have also endangered the peacemaking efforts initiated by the united states. here is a report. >> taliban gunmen attacked pakistan's presidential palace and surrounding buildings including the cia's headquarters
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tom a with explosions and gunfire shaking the city center. eyewitnesses say that at least one man opened fire with an automatic rifle at a gate to the palace in the city center. president hamid karzai's whereabouts were not immediately known. he was due to attend a press event at the palace after 9:00 a.m. reporters had been gathering at the palace when the attack began . heavy explosions were sounded, and the gunfire intensified. schoolchildren walking to classes nearby were also caught in the exchanges. >> the taliban claimed
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responsibility for the attack and the text message to kabul reporters. the area on a hotel is known to house the reporters of the intelligence agency in afghanistan, which was also attacked. it includes the most important buildings in kabul, including the headquarters of the nato-led headquarters in afghanistan, the afghan defense ministry, and cia's afghan station. >> it took 19 minutes to bring
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the siege to an end. officials said all five attackers were killed and two afghan guards. the attack happened just a day after the arrival of the u.s. envoy, appointed to help peace efforts between the u.s. government and the taliban. >> unfortunately due to the increase of different operations, perhaps prompted also by the activities of the insurgency, as declared in their campaign, the situation of civilians in the country and conflict-related civilian casualties are indeed not going in the right direction. to the contrary, the situation has worsened. >> the brazen assault by taliban militants has cast doubt on the
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attempts. they attacked buildings near the presidential palace in kabul as well as the u.s. cia headquarters. the attack came a week after u.s. and taliban representatives had attempted to meet in doha, the capital of qatar. the session was canceled amid objections from the afghan government. >> we have made clear -- secretary kerry made clear when he was here that any agreement would need to include a cessation of hostilities, respect for the afghan constitution, and severing all ties with al qaeda and some more terrorist organizations. i would stress that the negotiations toward the subject that would principally be negotiations between the afghan government and the taliban, not
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between the united states and the taliban. >> earlier during the month, a suspected taliban suicide bomber detonated a bomb close to minibuses, taking supreme court's staff home in the afghan capital kabul, killing at least the team people and wounding almost 14. it was the second large-scale attack in kabul claimed by the hard-line islamist group in two days. in fact, before the, seven insurgents, including suicide bombers, laid siege at cobble's main airport before they were killed. nationals are extremely concerned about the deteriorating security situation.
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>> and afghan military analyst and former army general laid blame on pakistan for the recent attacks.
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>> the recent attacks reflect that violence continues to remain the biggest nightmare and afghanistan, attacks against a high-profile and heavily guarded target shows that the terrorists have not lost but have gained strength, and the danger is far from over. it's time now for a break, but stay tuned. after the break, pakistani insurgents trying to revive
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militancy in kashmir. and now, after the break, pakistan-backed militants have been trying to revive insurgency in kashmir. these groups enjoy the backing of pakistani army and hamper development in the state. here is a report. at least eight indian army troopers were killed and 11 others, including military troopers of the central reserve force and a policeman were wounded when militants carried out attacks at two localities in kashmir. the militants first ambush an army convoy and later sprayed gunfire.
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>> a little while ago, one of these army vehicles going towards the bypass has been fired upon by a couple of terrorists who came from one of the side alleys. they apparently pumped a number of bullets into the army vehicle. apparently, some casualties have taken place. i would request you to inquire from the army as to how many casualties are taken place. police will let you know what happened, how it happened, and subsequent investigations. >> the prime minister made a visit to kashmir. a day after militants killed eight soldiers in an ambush, the bloodiest in a series of attacks since a separatist was hanged to death in february.
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separatists called a general strike to coincide with the visit. the prime minister condemned the terror attack in kashmir and asserted such cowardly acts would not deter efforts of security forces to bring about these in the state, and he went ahead to inaugurate a major link adjoins the the valley with the rest of the country.
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>> the militant outfit claimed responsibility of the deadly attack, but experts say it is not the traditional modus operandi of attack. >> this is -- should not, i think, lead us to conclude that our leader has succumbed to terrorist efforts to destabilize our economy and country. i can only say that this is most reprehensible and cowardly on
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the part of terrorists. >> violence levels and cross- border militancy and in recent years as the state made progress in the past decade. it appears it could mean massive escalation in violence. experts also believe things may even get worse once u.s. troops start a pullout from afghanistan. >> and with that, we come to an end of this week's edition of "newsweek south asia." we will be back with more news, views, and analysis from the
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subcontinent. meanwhile, do keep writing to us. i'm signing off. on behalf of the entire production team of "newsweek south asia," goodbye.
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